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The average cartridge can usually be refilled 2 to 6 times, but some are much more.
With the average cartridge refill saving 20% to 70% over the cost of buying a new one, it makes sense that the more refills you can get out of a cartridge, the more money you can save. In some cases we can refill with more ink than the original cartridge had in it. We can also provide you with a refill kit. If you can refill your cartridge 6 times instead of purchasing a new one each time, the savings would be substantial. We also offer compatible cartridges for most models as a replacement option or to have a spare. These compatibles often contain larger ink volumes for a similar price to refills.
Many of the major printer manufacturers now have chips on their cartridges. This results in cartridges being harder to fill to higher capacities and sometimes the printer knows they are refilled and does extra cleans which used much more ink and make a refill worthless. We can advise you as to which cartrdiges are able to be refilled.


A print head works by super heating the ink, which causes it to expand and shoot through the microscopic holes. This happens thousands of times per second through each of the sometimes hundreds of openings contained on the printhead. The printhead needs the liquid ink to be running through to keep it cool (much like a car needs oil to keep cool).

The main cause of a cartridges and printers lifespan being shortened is running a cartridge completely dry. If the cartridge continues to be used when a colour has run out, or partially run out, the print head will start to burn out. If the cartridges are just ink tanks, then the printhead is part of your printer, this means you will need a new printer when your printhead burns out. Most printers these days are designed to last about 1 1/2 years, but are very cheap to replace now.

If the cartridge is used when empty it can also cause damage to the electronic circuitry as well as the printhead. The only remedy is a brand new cartridge. Cartridges also do not like being left out when empty, the ink dries in the printhead nozzles causing blockages that sometimes cannot be cleared. When a cartridge is empty, it should be refilled as soon as possible, and then sealed and stored.

If your ink cartridge is just an ink tank with no printhead or electronics then placing the cap on is OK (if there is one), in the case of most Brother original ink tanks, they have a valve that closes when the cartridge is taken out, this seals itself. The compatibles however need to be handled carefully as they can leak and drip ink.

Most newer machines have a “Low Ink” warning, but if yours does not, stop at the first sign of fading print and refill, as continuing will shorten the cartridges life or the printers life, and cost more money in the long run.

Remember "A stitch in time, saves nine"

Things you can do to help get the most refills.

• Call Captain Cartridge to organise refilling as soon as you are aware your cartridge is nearly empty. (Putting it off may mean spending more later.) Stop printing at the first sign of any ink running out or if possible just before. If faded print does not improve with one or two printhead cleans, its time for a refill or new cartridge. If you refill your own, do it as soon as possible.

• If possible store in a ziplock bag or airtight container while awaiting refilling, this will slow down the drying out process and minimise blockages. This applies only to a few cartridges that have a printhead built in.

• Avoid touching the copper connections and printhead on cartridges.

• If you are concerned about having no time, don’t worry, we come to you at a convenient time.

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